Posted by: piman007 | 25-11-2011

ปัญหา AxisFault Unable to establish loopback connection

1. เช็ค Firewall ว่าได้ open port ของ App. Server ไว้หรือยัง

2. เข้าไปดูที่ \system32\CONFIG.NT ให้ใส่ค่าดังนี้



3. Restart windows




Personal firewalls

Personal firewalls can cause problems for the Windows NIO code, causing particular operations to fail. For example, the method call can throw a “ Unable to establish loopback connection” with a cause of “ Connection refused: connect”. The exception is caused by the operating system connecting on a port that is being blocked by the firewall. The JVM tries the connect operation again, asking the operating system to select a different port number. If it still cannot connect after several attempts, a ConnectException is thrown.

If you see this exception, you can set the system property java.nio.debug=pipe to see which port numbers are being blocked.

File handle exhaustion

On Windows 2000 and XP, the default value of the number of files that you can have simultaneously opened is too low and causes problems to applications that are I/O intensive. To fix this limitation, edit the file <windows>\system32\CONFIG.NT and set the following values:


where <windows> is the directory where Windows is installed.


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