Posted by: piman007 | 11-12-2008

Using HTML text formatting in Flash CS3 Professional

What’s covered

Adobe Flash Player supports a subset of standard HTML tags such as <p> and <li>, which you can use to style text in any dynamic or input text field. Text fields in Flash Player 7 and later also support the <img> tag, which lets you embed image files (JPEG, GIF, PNG), SWF files, and movie clips in a text field. Flash Player automatically wraps text around images embedded in text fields in much the same way that a web browser wraps text around embedded images in an HTML page.

HTML tags supported by Adobe Flash CS3 Professional

The following HTML tags are supported by Adobe Flash CS3 Professional. Optional tag attributes appear in brackets.

  • Anchor: <a href="/support/flash/ts/documents/url">
  • Bold: <b>
  • Font: < font [color="#xxxxxx"] [face="Type Face"] [size="Type Size"]>
  • Italic: <I>
  • Paragraph: <p [align="left"|"right"|"center"]>
  • Underline: <u>
  • Break: <br>
  • Image: <img src="/images/flash/dogs.jpg"/> The <img> tag lets you embed external image files (JPEG, GIF, PNG), SWF files, and movie clips inside text fields and TextArea component instances.
  • List Item: <li>
    Ordered and unordered lists (<ol> and <ul> tags) are not recognized by Flash Player, so they do not modify how your list is rendered. All list items use bullets.
  • Span: The <span> tag is available only for use with CSS text styles.
  • TextFormat: The <textformat> tag lets you use a subset of paragraph formatting properties of the TextFormat class within HTML text fields, including line leading, indentation, margins, and tab stops. You can combine <textformat> tags with the built-in HTML tags.

Additionally, Flash Player supports HTML entities:

  • &lt; < (less than)
  • &gt; > (greater than)
  • &amp; & (ampersand)
  • &quot; " (double quotes)
  • &apos; ‘ (apostrophe, single quote)



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