Posted by: piman007 | 02-05-2007

Oracle Thin Type 4 Driver for Oracle 9i and 10g Database

Oracle Thin Type 4 Driver for Oracle 9i and 10g Databases

The JAR file for the Oracle driver is ojdbc14.jar. Configure the connection pool using the following settings:

  • Name: Use this name when you configure the JDBC resource later.

  • Resource Type: Specify the appropriate value.

  • Database Vendor: Oracle

  • DataSource Classname:Specify one of the following:

  • Properties:

    • user – Set as appropriate.

    • password – Set as appropriate.

    • URL – Specify the complete database URL using the following syntax:


      For example:

    • xa-driver-does-not-support-non-tx-operations – Set to the value true. Optional: only needed if both non-XA and XA connections are retrieved from the same connection pool. Might degrade performance.

      As an alternative to setting this property, you can create two connection pools, one for non-XA connections and one for XA connections.

    Note –

    You must set the oracle-xa-recovery-workaround property in the Transaction Service for recovery of global transactions to work correctly. For details, see Workarounds for Specific Databases.

    When using this driver, it is not possible to insert more than 2000 bytes of data into a column. To circumvent this problem, use the OCI driver (JDBC type 2).


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